Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry

Our mission is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry through limitless access to your cherished Christian books via a subscription-based model. Beyond offering an extensive library, we elevate your reading experience by providing intuitive features such as highlighting and tagging, allowing you to pinpoint and remember those impactful lines. With the added ability to make notes for future reference, Codisee goes beyond reading – it’s a personalized journey through the pages of your faith, enhancing your connection with the profound wisdom within each book.


Faith First

Our library is all Faith and no filth which means you won’t have to worry about what you find here! Be confident that you’ll get nothing but wholesome content.

Easy Organization

When you have a large amount of books with highlights, underlines, and bookmarks, it’s hard to remember where they are. When you use Codisee, you can create your own library, tag your notes, and change your highlight colors, then easily search through what you created.


You read that right. Read as much or as little as you want all for the same, small monthly fee. You don’t need to buy each book you want to read so you can read a chapter here or a chapter there, or even the whole book if you want! No extra charge.

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